High Performance Settings

Game speed 6
Unit speed 0.275
Resource production factor 1
Barbarian village spawning 200% chance when a player joins the world
Bonus village spawning 200% chance when a player joins the world
Ability to demolish buildings Active
Morale Inactive
Milliseconds Active
Fake limit Inactive
Research System Simplified research
Church Inactive
Watchtower Inactive
Quest System Inactive
Achievements Active
Growing barbarian villages Active up to 2500 points
Bonus villages Bonus villages enabled
Time frame for cancelling attacks 5 minutes
Time frame for cancelling transports 5 minutes
Night bonus Inactive
Protection for beginners 2 days
Max attack ratio (attacker:defender) Inactive
Flags Inactive
Scavenging Active
Hauls Active
Stronghold Active


Archers Inactive
Scout system The scout can report troops, buildings, resources and foreign units
Paladin Active, skills can be learned.
Militia Active


Purchased using Gold coins
Max nobleman travel distance 50 fields
Loyalty decrease per nobleman attack 20-35
Loyalty increase per hour 6


Tribe member limit 20
Ability to attack tribe members Attacks vs tribe members do not turn into visits and thus deal damage
Tribe levels Active
Account sitting Active
Account sitting restrictions Restricted sitter access after an account has been sat 7 days within the last 14 days.
Free trading Active, time restriction based on the start of the individual player
Support outside tribe Supporting villages outside player's tribe is not possible. Tribe membership is checked both when support is sent and on arrival. Support is withdrawn on tribe change.
Ability to select starting direction Active
Victory requirements One tribe must gain the required amount of influence points by holding districts.
Start date Jul 11,2024 10:00